2015 VINEXPO 波爾多葡萄酒與烈酒展

VINEXPO 2015:體驗不凡

全球最大型國際葡萄酒及烈酒展 Vinexpo 2015 年度展會將於 6 月 14 日至 18 日在波爾多隆重舉行。本年度Vinexpo將展現結合商務與娛樂的嶄新形式。來自葡萄酒和烈酒行業的與會者在五天的展會期間可以體驗各項創新概念並會有意想不到的新發現。
The 2015 edition of Vinexpo, the world's biggest international wine and spirits exhibition, will take place from 14 to 18 June in Bordeaux. This year's show unveils a brand new format that combines business with entertainment. Visitors from the wine and spirits industries can look forward to a cocktail of innovations and unexpected discoveries during the 5-day event.

Truly international

Buyers from all over the world gather at Vinexpo to taste and order products exhibited by more than 2,400 participants from 44 countries.

In every aisle, producing countries present a rich and varied panorama of wines and spirits from around the world. You can find Columbian rum alongside Ukrainian vodka, Peruvian pisco and Japanese whisky; or New Zealand Chardonnay next to Argentinian Malbec, Californian Pinot Noir, Portuguese Verdelho, German Riesling or French rosé from Provence.

今年,來自世界各地的葡萄酒及烈酒品牌均會參展,包括墨西哥、智利、阿根廷、德國、義大利、英國、愛爾蘭、澳洲、格魯吉亞、奧地利和烏克蘭等,占Vinexpo整體參展商的四成,其餘六成為法國參展商。納帕谷的葡萄種植者將彙聚於「納帕谷酒商」(Napa Valley Vintners)展館,讓焦點投射於美國產的佳釀上。而享負盛名的品牌,如張裕(中國)和Marquesi de Frescobaldi(義大利),亦選擇了Vinexpo作為展示產品及發展國際業務的櫥窗。
In 2015, every corner of the globe will be represented as French exhibitors are joined by wine and spirit brands from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Italy, England, Ireland, Australia, Georgia, Austria and Ukraine, making up 40% of the exhibition. The wine growers of Napa Valley will be grouped together on the "Napa Valley Vintners" pavilion, turning the spotlight on the US industry. The prestigious brands, Changyu (China) and Marquesi de Frescobaldi (Italy), have also chosen Vinexpo as a platform for showcasing their products and developing their international sales.

“Vinexpo 學院”品酒會及講座
Vinexpo Academy tastings and talks

As well as launching a range of innovations, Vinexpo is planning a series of top-flight talks and tastings through its Academy. Offering almost 80 special events over 5 days, the programme adds a new dimension to the Vinexpo experience. This crucible of sensations and ideas will be hosting internationally renowned sommeliers, oenologists, economists and entrepreneurs who share their knowledge at guided tasting events and highly specialised talks.

2015 新體驗!
New in 2015!

New design

Vinexpo的展覽空間經全面重新設計,令所有展區都朝向湖泊。其中,“Les Terrasses”位於展會中央,將薈萃主要葡萄酒及烈酒品牌。這些高級展位都設有兩個入口:一個通往1號展館,另一個在湖邊。
The Vinexpo exhibition spaces have been completely redesigned so that everything now faces the lake. At the centre of the show, Les Terrasses will bring together the major wine and spirits brands. These premium stands will have two openings: one into Hall 1 and another on the lake side.

In parallel, visitors will find new inspiration in a number of themed areas ranging from free tasting areas, a digital area, a food & wine pairing workshop with award-winning chefs and a wellness centre to a logistics advice area.
Improved access and new services

This year Vinexpo is introducing an innovative new personalised appointment booking service, whereby exhibitors and visitors can tell us their requirements and what they are looking for, and we will approach decision-makers in our database and set up targeted meetings on their behalf. So, for example, a Chilean exhibitor seeking a Singaporean importer, or a Belgian buyer looking for an Italian wine, can be assured of productive meetings at the exhibition.

Getting to the show will be easier in 2015 since the tramway service linking the Exhibition Centre with Bordeaux city centre in 15 minutes will be completed.

New tasting experiences

A major gathering of the entire industry, Vinexpo is the ideal place to sample the sector’s latest products. In 2015, Vinexpo will be organising three free tasting areas: two exploring the emerging trends for rosé and sparkling wines, and a third revisiting sweet wines.

In the centre of Hall 3, the Spiritual concept bar will showcase spirits brands, with cocktails created by renowned mixologists.

Gastronomy back in the spotlight

The catering area, also located by the lake, will be bigger with a more varied offer ranging from gourmet restaurants (A gastronomic restaurant hosts by Potel & Chabot and a Bistronomic : les 110 de Taillevent) to food trucks. Exhibitors will be able to bring their own wine for lunch at any of the outlets without having to pay corkage.

Advanced networking

每晚10點,Vinexpo會邀請所有參展商出席精采的非正式商務社交派對。名為“The Blend”的四場派對將於波爾多加隆河畔的Hangar 14舉行。
Each evening after 10pm, Vinexpo invites all exhibition participants to a series of four fun and informal business networking parties. Called The Blend, all four events will take place at Hangar 14 on the banks of the Garonne in Bordeaux itself.


Vinexpo 在波爾多工商總會的支持下於 1981 年成立 , 多年來地位超然 , 是為全球葡萄酒及烈酒業人士而設的最大型商貿展。 Vinexpo逢單數年份於法國波爾多舉行,吸引來自150 個國家的 48,000 名專業人士及代表 45 個產酒國的 2,400 家參展商參與。
Founded in 1981 under the auspices of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Vinexpo exhibition has grown over the years to become the leading gathering for wine and spirits professionals. Vinexpo is held in Bordeaux in odd-numbered years and brings together 48,000 trade visitors from 150 countries and 2,400 exhibitors representing 45 producer countries.

而每逢雙數年份, Vinexpo 旗下的 Vinexpo Overseas 便會挑選日漸興旺的市場舉辦商貿展。首屆Vinexpo Asia-Pacific 於1998年在香港誕生,隨後於2000 年和 2002 年在東京舉行。 自2006年以來,Vinexpo Asia-Pacific每兩年在香港舉行一次,成為亞洲區葡萄酒及烈酒業的一大盛事。
In even-numbered years, Vinexpo Overseas, a subsidiary of Vinexpo, organises exhibitions in growing markets. In 1998, the first Vinexpo Asia-Pacific exhibition was held in Hong Kong, followed in 2000 and 2002 by two further exhibitions in Tokyo. Since 2006, Vinexpo Asia-Pacific has taken place in Hong Kong every two years and has become the key exhibition of the industry in Asia.

專為日本市場而設的首屆 Vinexpo Nippon 已於 2014 年 11 月 1 日至 2 日在東京舉行,取得空前成功,而 Vinexpo 已決定於 2016 年再度舉辦 Vinexpo Nippon 。
The first Vinexpo Nippon, a new event dedicated to the Japanese market, was held in Tokyo from 1 to 2 November 2014. Given the overwhelming success of this first edition, Vinexpo will be repeating Vinexpo Nippon in 2016.

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